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Long before Twitter, EZ1 Productions introduced Micro Reviews, which are simply movie reviews in 65 characters or less. You'd be surprised at how much can be said about a movie in just one sentence. To create your own Micro Reviews, log in and search for a movie title to the right.
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Jacket, The
Decent concept, if only the plot was stronger... - Draxhall
Ring 2, The
Not as bad as people are saying. - Darunia
King Kong
A revolutionary movie going experience. Go see it NOW! - rodrino
Just Friends
A funny and sweet rom-com...Anna Farris is hilarious! - weekendwarrior
Spielberg delivers in a strong film that is very good, not great - FullEyes
Polar Express, The
Magically fun, but light, holiday flick. - FullEyes
Running Scared
never slows down, which is good and bad.... - air man
Hotel Rwanda
Acting superb. Follow Schindler's formula though not as graphic. - Janazz
xXx2: State of the Union
Imagine James Bond gone terribly wrong! - Ivilace
Running Scared
Amazing! Great surprise! Walker's best performance. - Yellow Jacket
King Kong
About 20 min long of perfect. - macphisto6
Skeleton Key, The
Meh. Another "The Ring" wannabe. Interesting and lame. - movieman
Fun With Dick and Jane
Plenty of laughs, but not the strongest story. - The EZ1
Very well acted. Keeps you thinking about it for quite awhile. - cgogis
Bride and Prejudice
Tries too hard to mix East and West and it just doesn't work.Yuck - weekendwarrior
Kicking & Screaming
Ferrell kinda funny, but uneven and ultimately stupid crap - FullEyes
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