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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Release Date: 07/15/2005
Rating: PG
Starring: N/A
Synopsis: N/A
Trailer: N/A
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Awesome! Now without that awful "Cheer Up, Charlie" song. - Daniele Burton's version much more imaginative, but ultimately inferior - FullEyes HORRIBLE SIMPLY DREADFUL. Discrace to original - movieman20062007
Pretty funny. - Darunia Strayed from the book more than I would have liked. But very fun. - The EZ1 quirky subversive charming outrageous garish fun. great casting! - moviedude
Completely over the top, but still fun. - macphisto6 Charlie is a treat for both eyes and ears - Rygar1126 Amazingly scrumptious remake of a children's classic film! - Norman Tinio
Alright, but disappointing. They messed with my Oompa Loompas. - Yellow Jacket I'm glad that I enjoyed this as much as I did. Pretty great! - movieman Horrible. Nothing like the original. Johnny Depp sucked - movieman1234567890
good remake!!! - racer2235 Loved it all bar the songs... - Cinematic Viagra Productions Visually sweet, but I was hoping for more. Still good. - SolC9
bizare even for Burton... - zkeeper99 fun stuff but nothing that screams i want to see this again - air man Visionary, full of delight. Has a flaw that keeps it from soaring - Janazz
Much better than I expected, a little too odd at times. - Draxhall Wow! so much better then the original! - Donez Magical and quite insane...on a par with Edward Scissorhands! - weekendwarrior
Inventive, fresh, thoroughly entertaining, and just plain bizarre - Marley209
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