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Incredibles, The
Release Date: 11/05/2004
Rating: PG
Starring: N/A
Synopsis: N/A
Trailer: N/A
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Green reviews are from users who graded the move a B or higher.
Black reviews are from users who graded a movie between a B- and a C-.
Red reviews are from users who graded the movie a D+ or lower.
Very very good! - Servo Solid entertainment- Simply Incredible. - Silverflicks The name says it all. - Daniele
I am in the minority but I felt this was just a good Pixar effort - georgenutt Not as good as Nemo, but its still a great film! - Cebu Beyond Incredible! - Ivilace
My favorite film of 2004! - Alligator Al Best movie of the year. I don't know how to describe it. - movieman1234567890 Pixar's Best - movieman20062007
One of the best movies of 2004 - Donez Thought it was the best animated superhero movie! - Mutant04 Bird's fun & clever superhero what if never fails to delight - macphisto6
Puts all recent animated movies to shame. - Rygar1126 Fun and entertaining! - Wario Very clever and cute, Pixar does it again! - Gurl In the Boots
Fun and very well done. - Darunia A classic animated film. The pixar people are gods. Amazing. - movieman Funny and original! I love it! - impact
Excellent! - The Aviator first half A+ second half still a cut above most animated films - air man a great kids film, with awesome jokes - jimmy
Overrated. - Yellow Jacket Not quite as funny as I expected, but it was a lot of fun. - SolC9 great home run for pixar - joesph
Perfectly captures the superhero genre. Pixar’s best film yet! - Draxhall The best Pixar movie to date! - FullEyes Pixar's version of the Fantastic Four. Good. - The EZ1
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