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Box Office
EZ's Box Office Challenge
There is no registration deadline, but the Marketplace opens on Tuesday May 1, 2018. Register at www.ez1productions.com/challenge/.

1st place: $40.00 Amazon certificate
2nd place: $25.00 Amazon certificate
3rd place: $15.00 Amazon certificate

Note: All prizes are available thanks to donations from studio owners. If you would like to make a contribution please follow this link:
The Game:
Each studio will start with three hundred fifty million dollars ($350.0 mil). Opportunities for additional funds to purchase movies will be available through the Weekend Showdown and price changes. The studio with the largest total of final grosses from all movies owned in their final portfolio wins. All terms in bold defined below.

Number of Studios:
A player can only play one studio per game. Any player caught with more than one studio will be disqualified.

Movies in the game for purchase are designated as (B) for Blockbuster, (S) for Sleeper and (C) for Clearance. There are no category restrictions this summer. If you'd like to only own 3 Blockbusters and nothing else, that's fine. Additional movies may be added to the Marketplace at any time.

You will receive the grosses for every movie you hold in your studio past 12pm CST on the movie's release date. Once you hold a movie past 12pm CST on the movie's release date, it is in your studio's final portfolio. A movie's final gross = the sum of the movie's first THREE weekends from it's opening weekend in the game. All grosses will be rounded to the hundredths place. Any purchase funds unused by the end of the game are rendered useless and are not added to the grosses. Weekly grosses will be posted on Tuesdays after price changes.

Price Changes:
The purchase prices of the movies in the game will change three times a week, on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Through buying low and selling high you can make additional funds to purchase even more movies for your studio. Price changes can occur at anytime during these days. However, generally price changes on Tuesday and Thursday will be made between noon and 2pm CST, and after 4pm CST on Sunday. The Marketplace will display the date and time of the last price change at the top of the page. Price changes will be in increments of 0.25 mil and there will be no change greater than 5.0 mil for a given movie at one time. Price changes will be based on internet movie buzz, movie news and reviews, previews, market choices of players, and the whims and prejudices of the game administrator.

Final Portfolio:
You may buy and sell films through your portfolio as frequently as you'd like, but once a film you own has opened in theaters it becomes "locked" and part of your Final Portfolio. It is the grosses of this Final Portfolio that will determine your rank in the standings. None of the grosses of films in your final portfolio can be used to purchase other films.

Weekend Showdown:
Each studio can bet up to 3.0 mil of their available purchase funds each weekend from 05/11-05/13 to 08/10-08/12 on the Weekend Showdown posted by 2pm CST each Thursday. Wins will be added to the studio's purchase funds on the following Tuesday. The Weekend Showdown is not mandatory, but is recommended, as it offers another way to gain funds.

Duration of the Game:
The Marketplace opens on Tuesday May 1, 2018. The first price change will be on Thursday May 10, 2018. The first day that a movie goes into release is Friday May 11, 2018 and the last day a movie goes into release is Friday, August 17, 2018. All non-holiday weekends will be three day weekends consisting of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. For holiday weekends, see below.

Holiday Weekends:
All weekends will be three day weekends consisting of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday EXCEPT for the following holiday weekends:
Memorial Day Weekend: consists of 4 days (Fri May 25 - Mon May 28)
Labor Day Weekend: consists of 4 days (Fri Aug 31 - Mon Sep 3)

Some price changes will also be affected by the holiday weekends.
There WILL NOT be any changes on Sunday May 27, Sunday Jul 1, Thursday Jul 12 or Sunday Jul 15.

Release Date Changes:
If a release date changes and it is still within the time frame of the game, the movie will be moved to the new date and retained for the game. If the release date changes to a time frame outside the game, it is simply removed from the game. If you owned the movie, the price at which you purchased the movie will be refunded.

Deadlines for purchases or sales of movies going into release are always 12pm CST on the day of the movie's release. The deadline for Weekend Showdown bets will always be 12pm CST on Friday.

12pm CST = 10am PST (-2hrs); 11am MST(-1hr); 1pm EST(+1hr); 6pm in the London, England (+6hrs); 7pm in Paris, France(+7hrs); 9pm in Athens, Greece(+8hrs); 12am in Jakarta, Indonesia (+12hrs); 1am the next day in Hong Kong (+13hrs).
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